Slippery London Nuru Massage

If it's a sensational slippery nuru massage in London that you are seeking then you have stumbled upon the right place.

Sexy, sensual, supreme... no matter how you describe it, nuru massage is something you have to try to really understand.

This is the most erotic body rub available in London.

The naked flesh of a sexy young lady rubbing up and down your body, skilfully gliding, while at the same you feel her breath on your neck.

Oooh yeah... this is what life is all about.

Article updated 28th December 2017


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Don't waste your life staring into a empty pint glass!

You could be spending your time getting intimate and frisky with a nuru masseuse.

The session starts off with both you and the masseuse taking your clothes off and having an intimate shower together.

Here your masseuse will clean and scrub you whole body using some intoxicating fragrant organic shower gel.

I loved every minute of it, absolute pure pleasure, just what I needed. I will certainly be returning next month. Thanks.
— Tim, December 2017

She will rub the sponge all over your body as you see the bubbles and water drip all over her smooth naked body.

Things will start to warm up as she cleans your most intimate areas, she may even let you wash her gorgeous body.

A shared shower is the perfect way to start off your session as it will very much get you in the mood for what comes next.

Slippery Nuru Gel

Your nude masseuse will then have you lay down on a soft rubber matt. 

When you see your masseuses body you will already be getting excited, our masseuses keep them selves fit and our naturally attractive.

She will proceed to cover her nude body in the nuru gel. This is a fantastic visual adventure alone as you watch her rub the gel all over her smooth skin.

She will then ask you to lay on your back where she will cover your body in the gel too.

The nuru gel is a non toxic substance made from seaweed. It does not taste or smell of anything but is extremely slippery hence why it used for adult body to body massage.

It is also very good for your skin as it packed with many healthy nutrients. 

slippery nuru gel

The session then starts to get more erotic in nature. 

The best nuru masseuses have mastered the true Japanese style, which uses various highly sexual positions to stimulate you.

These erotic body movements are designed to give the receiver maximum pleasure.

We will not go into too much detail about what happens during this phase as it will spoil the surprise.

Half the fun of going for a nuru massage in London is in the guessing of what will actually take place.

Each masseuse also has a different style and version of this therapy so every session is sure to be a little different. However, all will be just as erotic.

Very Happy Ending Guaranteed

As you head into the final third of the appointment, the masseuse will start to focus even more attention of your inner thighs including a delightful massage of the penis and testicles.

At least twenty minutes are dedicated to this part so the recipient can receive the full benefits of a sensational lingam massage in London.

The whole session so far has been building up to this point. This is zenith of the massage and the most enjoyable part for both the receiver and the masseuse.

Tantric techniques to massage the lingam will be utilized for a full body earth shaking shuddering orgasm.

Sounds like fun doesn't it?

Why not come see us this week and have all of the above done to you.


The first thing you need to do is visit our gallery and select the masseuse who want to see.

This may take a while as our masseuses are very sexy so it can be hard to decide. When you are ready just pick up your mobile and phone us.

Please give as much time as possible before requesting your time of your booking, as the masseuse has to prepare the gel and her self for this very special session.

All incall locations in London have showering facilities and refreshments upon request.