What Is Neo Tantra

Neo Tantra Massage

You may have heard of Neo Tantra, but what is it, and what is the relationship to massage.

Most of you who are reading this article are probably already aware of tantric massage, if not then how the Hellman's Mustard did you get here? However, one part of the tantric philosophy you may not be too familiar with is neo Tantra. As the first part of the phrase may adhere too, neo Tantra is essentially the Western interpretation of the Tantric Hindu philosophy and culture. Its main focus differs from the original and focuses mainly on sexuality. However, practitioners of neo Tantra will still regularly refer to the ancient Indian text of traditional eastern tantra. 

East Heads West

As the tantric movement moved into the West, many of the traditional parts of the culture and religion were dropped and the main focus became on the sexual side. During the 1960's when many young people travelled to India seeking adventure and enlightenment, they came in contact with tantra. The philosophy started to fuse with the idea of free love which was promoted by the Hippy movement in America, and soon the spiritual side of tantra was overshadowed by the sexual part of the concept as the two separate cultures merged. As this new fusion of ideas mixed many people in the west simply saw tantra as a guide to extended sexual gratification, and this is what has now become known as neo tantra.

Many people who have observed the growth of the offshoot say it is because neo tantra offers a more acceptable way of exploring one's sexuality without feeling bad. Much of this has come from Western religions who see sex as something wicked that must only be done to procreate and not for reasons of fun or certainly not used for an spiritual progression. This comes across to many as repressive, so the movement of neo tantra offers many people a reason to use sex as a way to fight against this repression and as method to gain greater insight into a more spiritual world. It is from this fusion that the modern version of tantric massage came into being.

The story that keeps on developing.

These days, when people search for an erotic massage they often put tantric massage into Google to see what comes up, and because people use this phrase to search, all the practitioners, whether they actually offer authentic tantric massage or not, start using this phrase to describe any kind of erotic massage. However there is a big difference between a body to body massage with a happy ending compared to an original tantra massage given by a masseuse who has been trained in this art form.

The whole story of how the term tantra split off into different branches with different meanings is a classic example of how humans move around, swap and even fuse ideas. There is of course nothing wrong with this and to some degree is to be expected. People always like to chose the best parts of a religion, economic theory, music genre and forget the rest. In fact, as we will discuss in a future blog post, if people want to use tantra as a guide to having great sex then we think this is brilliant, but just recognise that true tantra is more about spirituality than fantastic sex.

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Getting The Mood Right For Massage

Romantic Massage

From the music to the candle light, all these things play an important role in having the perfect sensual massage experience.

Massage is not only about touching and manipulating the body of the receiver. Atmosphere plays just as important role, such as what music is playing in the background. To really heighten a sensual massage session many things need to be just right, such as making the backdrop as relaxing as possible to maximize the relaxation and comfort of the recipient. 

Being welcomed at the door by a smiling and charming masseuse is always the best way to start. As you are invited into the tantric massage studio you will find a perfect oasis to relax. Incense imported from Indian will be gently filling the air and your nostrils. This incense will be the quality stuff, not the product that makes your eyes itch. The smoke will glide along with the air and the gentle aroma will provide some mystic feeling to the session. Another key area to focus on is the lighting, which should be candle light that is dim and not too harsh on the eyes, that slowly flickers in the background, this will of course make the setting very romantic.

Finding The Perfect Music For Massage Can Really Enhance The Session.

The music is also key, this should be relaxing and atmospheric such as tantric music from India or some soulful Chinese flute music or whatever the receiver may like themselves. What you wouldn't have blasting at full volume from the speakers is heavy metal or some militant drum n bass music. This of course is obvious to most people with a brain, however you would be surprised by the amount of people who get this wrong. The right music can really get people into the spiritual side of tantra.

All the areas highlighted in the paragraph above might seem not so important but this could not be further from the truth. All these things help create a relaxing mood and enhance the overall experience for the receiver and the masseuse as well. If you get the little things right it makes the bigger aim of the session even more rewarding.

So whether you just wanted to know what you can expect from one of our erotic massage sessions or you needed some ideas about how to give your partner a sensual experience then hopefully this article will have shed some light into the purpose and aim of a deep intimate one on one sexy massage session.

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Sukebe Chair

Super Sexy Sukebe Massage

For certain masseuses and their clientèle, the sukebe chair is a key part of an erotic massage session.

For some strange reason, you will not find many sensual masseuses who offer a sukebe massage in London. Mostly used in nuru massage, the sukebe is a chair that the receiver will sit on and gives access for the masseuse to wash between their legs and to be able to reach over your intimate parts from behind. The chair is actually more of a small stool was invented in Japan. Originally it was meant to help doctors help a patient clean their haemorrhoids but because of the design was quickly adopted by the Japanese erotic massage community.

If you ever have the pleasure of going to Japan or somewhere like Bangkok for a soapy or nuru massage, the masseuse may ask if you want to try the sukebe chair. This of course gives the masseuse the opportunity to clean your testicles and anus. She does this be standing behind the chair  and reaching underneath. Having a hand or two, touch your intimate area from the position feels fantastic. The masseuse may even add an extra tingle to this by softly whispering in your ear as she kneels behind you.

Having the sukebe treatment is a great method for washing the intimate parts and getting the receiver in the mood for the main erotic body to body massage.

As previously mentioned we have noticed that not too many sensual masseuses offer this treatment in the city but if you would like to try the sukebe chair massage then please send us a message to let us know as if there is enough demand we may start offering it in our massage sessions.

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Arabic Massage Adventures

From science, maths to food and more, Arabic culture has added a great deal to the human race.

However, for some strange reason Arabic massage is not that well known across the rest of the world. This style of massage therapy has been over shadowed by other forms from around the planet including Thai, Swedish and Japanese massage for example. Massage, especially the erotic kind, has been practised in the middle east and Arabic regions for centuries, and is one of the main places where the therapy progressed.

This style mainly centred around Turkish and Arabic baths which are places where mostly men would go and bath and receive an energising massage. Arabic massage is based around the principle of the four man elements which are earth, wind, water and fire. This can be achieve via methods of hot water, rinsing, heat contact on the body and touch. This will help make the body relax and re-energised for work again.

The massage session has a procedure which usually starts with the body being in a very hot and humid room where the body is made to sweat. Once this is over your body will be washed and will receive an all over body scrub. This will then be followed a deep tissue holistic style massage. If you ever have the chance to experience an Arabic massage in London or elsewhere then we advise you to do it. It will make you feel alive and will be great for your over all health regime.

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Milking The Prostate

Prostate Milking Massage

This therapy is essentially a regular prostate massage with the aim of ejaculating as much as possible so all the dead sperm in the prostate gland is cleared. 

There are multiple reasons why having a prostate milking massage in London will be beneficial to you. The first and foremost reasons are health, as clearing out this dead unwanted sperm is a great way to keep the prostate healthy and being able to generate new stronger sperm. This is especially important for couples who are trying to conceive, the fresher the sperm the better chance it has of impregnating a female.

The second great reason is to do with the brain and doing an activity which naturally boosts the release of chemical endorphins in the brain, which helps keeps the body happy and fighting fit. This is achieved as the masseuse massages your prostate, which is located in your anus, and your penis at the same time. Most men have a great orgasm just from the stimulation of the genitals, add to this the stimulation of the prostate and the resulting orgasm can be brilliant, even overwhelming as it can leave the body shaking in an orgasmic state of pure bliss for many minutes.

Tantric Healthcare

We fully recommend all men to go for a milking prostate massage in London. We can not think of any better way to stay healthy and feel this good at the same time. In fact, we genuinely believe this massage should be prescribed by the NHS, as the health benefits are enormous, too many to list in one blog posts. Just go and try it and we guarantee you will be a convert to this style of erotic therapy for many years to come.

prostate massage


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in massage.

These oils help to maintain healthy skin and increase your general well being.

Aromatic extracts from certain plant leaves, roots, flowers and fruits have been used for thousands of years as a way to restore the skin to a healthy base. These days the aromatic extracts are known as essential oils. Massage therapists have been using oils in their treatments since the invention of massage came into existence. It makes sense of course, if you are rubbing someone's body then why not use essential oils. These oils have been proven to help repair damaged skin.

This damage can come about in a number of ways including too much exposure to the sun, wind, rain or from eating a bad diet. Many women who have had babies will have stretch marks, rubbing oils into the marks for a certain number on months will help reduce the size of thee marks.

From Flowers To Your Body

Many of these oils come from such things as coconut oil, green tea, rosemary, lavender and from unique herbs. An extra benefit to receiving a massage with these oils is that when the oils are breathed in through the nose they go to brain and have a calming effect. It is almost the exact opposite of drinking coffee which stimulates parts of the brain that keep you awake and active, while essential oils make you feel relaxed, calm and dreamy. It is for these reasons that they make a perfect addition to any massage session.

We use many different essential oils for our massages including cedarwood, jojoba and many more. If you have a particular oil you like to use for you sessions please let us know before your appointment and we will be happy to use it. 

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Asian Massage London

Asian Massage In London

A Taste Of Oriental Massage in London.

Continuing from our blog post a few weeks ago about the Indian influence on massage we now want to talk about Asian massage in London.

Asia has had a massive impact on the development of massage, especially the naughty erotic side. Nearly every country in Asia has its own unique take on massage, from Thailand to China. All of these different styles have found there way to London. Due to the influx of people from around Asia who now live in London, we consider this city as one of the best places to get an Asian massage London style.

One of our favourite erotic therapies of course is our London nuru massage, which as you probably know already can from the big cities of Japan. This is therapy has since flourished around the rest of the world. Thai massage is another therapy that has also conquered the minds and bodies of the human race.

The Art of Touch

As tantric masseuses in London, we have studied many of these styles, so if you want to try any just contact us and will be happy to give you one. As we are also big fans of the erotic side of life we also fuse our own sexy style into these sessions so you can be guaranteed a fun and relaxing time. From nuru to soapy, Asian sensual massage styles have conquered the world. We think London is now the best place outside of Asia to try these unique erotic therapies.

Asian massage in London

Indian Massage

Tantra From India to London

All the massage styles we do are based around the concept of tantra which as I am sure many of you know originated in India.

In fact many of the styles we do are influenced by Indian massage. For those who do not know much about this therapy, it is based around what is known as the Ayurvedic health system. Also known in India as Abhyanga the idea is to make a person more healthy by dealing with the body and mind on a more holistic level.

So this organic health care system is not only about massage but also yoga, meditation and herbal remedies. So to make the most of tantric massage in London you should not just stop at the massage part. Make sure to try some yoga, healthy eating and focus on your health from an overall perspective.

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