Sensual Thai Massage

Sensual Thai Massage London Style.

If you have had a Thai massage before, you may be pleasantly surprised when you go for a sensual Thai massage in London.

When you go for an erotic Asian massage, you will be asked to remove your clothes and lie on the bed, in a romantically lit, scented room. Your beautiful masseuse will be topless or fully naked, depending on your wishes, and will start by using deep, rhythmic pressures on your body; this type of massage is done with the hands and feet.

The masseuse will use her hands to position your body and then use her pretty feet to do the massaging. Your body will be gently stretched and pulled, and she will also walk across your back to stretch your spine. It is a treat for the eyes too as you watch  a beautiful woman move sensuously round your body, stroking some parts and tugging at others. The Thai sensual massage in London traditionally focuses on the genitals with prolonged massage of the penis, testicles and anus, This helps slow down the moment of climax and make the resulting explosive orgasm much more intense.

Let The Bangkok Babes Relax You.

You will feel relaxed and sensual at the same time, and an orgasm is natural in such erotic circumstances. It is a traditional Thai method of giving a deep sense of well being to the receiver that will also improve your flexibility, release blocked energy and reduce any anxiety or stress you may have hidden in the body.

sensual Thai massage in London